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Harriet Tubman

  "I had reasoned dis out in my mind;
   there was one of two things I had
   a right to, liberty, or death; if I could
   not have one, I would have de oder;
   for no man should take me alive;
   I should fight for my liberty as long
   as my strength lasted, and when
   de time came for me to go, de Lord
   would let dem take me."


What does our emblem represent?

The shield represents the defensive nature of our movement while the black and white elements represent the diverse nature of supporters from all ethnicities who stand shoulder to shoulder in defense of democracy and those who support it.

What does our blue beret represent?

This color represents democracy and the commitment of wearers to defend democracy and its supporters. The same color as the berets used by UN Peacekeepers.

Why defend democracy?

Some say democracy is merely a form of "mob rule" and that many democratically elected governments have committed terrible crimes, but that misses the point. Quite aside from the fact that far fewer crimes against humanity occur in democracies than non-democracies due to the accountability inherent to them, democracy is fundamentally about respecting the dignity of every citizen by giving them a say in their political system, thus inherently liberal. Excluding citizens from the political process is itself a crime against humanity that must not be tolerated.

Democracy tacitly rejects the "might is right" barbarism of non-democratic systems wherein elites rule by coercion or brute force. What underpins democracy is a deep love and respect for the dignity of our fellow human beings. We honor our ancestors who struggled to advance and defend democracy by following their example. If we turn our backs on democracy we will have turned our backs on the courageous democrats who preceded us and our better selves.

What is the unorganized militia?

The militia consists of the 'unorganized militia' and the ‘organized militia’. The unorganized militia is comprised of citizens eligible to serve as soldiers in the defense forces of a nation in an emergency. The organized militia is made up of citizens who serve as part-time soldiers in a state run military reserve like the US National Guard and WWII era British Home Guard, who can be called upon to serve as full-time soldiers during an armed conflict, and civilians who serve as soldiers in self-organized militias like the Bielski Partisans.

Should members of the unorganized militia be armed?

In a democracy legitimate power stems from the People, not a political, aristocratic, religious, military or business elite, so ordinary citizens must retain the practical means of defending their democracy, and in so doing help to deter tyranny and crimes against humanity. The monopolization of arms by the State is the most dangerous of all monopolies and has resulted in the deaths of countless democracies and millions of civilians.

Won't a professional army safeguard democracy?

Professional volunteer armies all too often overthrow democracy as they are controlled by elites and populated by people dependant on the government for their income who seek a military pension. People who volunteer for military service also tend to be authoritarian, thus disinclined to defend democracy. The only armies that can be relied on to defend democracy are those structured as a militia, as in Switzerland, where the great majority of soldiers are reservists not dependant on the government for their income and conscripts so they are representative of the general population. Sadly few democracies have a true citizen army like the one in Switzerland, thus it is necessary for democrats in nations without such an army to become armed members of the unorganized militia in order to help safeguard democracy.

Do elected governments have a right to disarm citizens?

Citizens have pre-existing natural rights that cannot be eliminated by any government, elected or not. An elected government cannot legitimately end democracy, deprive free adults of practical defensive weapons, or murder minorities like Jews or LGBT+ members even if a majority of voters support this. Such acts are crimes against humanity as they violate the dignity and natural rights of citizens, thus inherently antagonistic to democracy even if most voters support such crimes in an election or referendum. Democracy and mob rule can look very similar and use the same instruments (elections/referendums), but are polar opposites. True democracies are liberal as they respect the dignity and natural rights of all citizens, in keeping with the social contract, whereas mob rule does not and is rightly resisted.

If you accept the premise that a government can deprive free adults of an essential natural right such as the right to possess practical defensive weapons for their individual and collective defense, you can have no moral objection to depriving them of all their rights. Well meaning governments have enacted gun control legislation to help prevent gun crime, as when Germany's Weimer government enacted the world's first national gun registry due to public gun fights between Nazi and communist street gangs and the threat of a violent Nazi coup. This law had no discernible impact on gun crime but helped the Nazis disarm their law-abiding opponents and Jews after they gained power in 1933.

The Nazi regime subsequently stopped German police issuing gun licenses to Jews in 1935 and banned Jews from owning firearms in 1938. Governments must promote responsible gun ownership, but gun licenses are immoral as the State cannot license a right, while gun registration facilitates the seizure of lawfully acquired firearms by a government gone bad or invaders and thefts by criminals who have illegally accessed gun registration databases (often assisted by corrupt police who have been bribed).

How do I participate in this movement?

The biggest hurdle is overcoming the stigma associated with being an armed member of the unorganized militia as a result of propaganda by power hungry elites who stigmatize the private ownership of practical defensive weapons. They use their media to glorify criminal gun violence they know promotes copycat crimes they exploit to further the introduction and maintenance of draconian gun laws (a form of terrorism), while normalizing the militarization of civilian police and the police use of deadly force. They want to give the professional security forces (effectively mercenaries) that protect their class a monopoly of deadly force so they can better protect them and overthrow an elected government if it threatens their power/wealth without ordinary people (effectively disarmed) being able to defend their government.

Once this internal psychological battle is won it is then just a matter of obtaining suitable equipment/training and associating with like-minded democrats as a member of a shooting organization like the Canadian Shooting Sports Association, Liberal Gun Club or Pink Pistols. The shooting sports are among the safest pastimes if not risk free, while we must be willing to risk our lives in defense of democracy. We must use our weapons on a regular basis to maintain proficiency. Without the accountability that democracy provides governments are far more likely to commit crimes against humanity like genocide, which we have a social duty to help prevent by offering a credible deterrent to the enemies of democracy and minorities.

When do we fight?

That is dependent on the situation one finds oneself, but if the state is committing crimes against humanity like ethnic cleansing and genocide one is morally obliged to act. A key advantage of a well armed populace is that they deter coups against democracy, tyranny and said crimes by their very existence, thus provide their nation with herd immunity against tyranny and crimes against humanity. An obvious time to act is after a parliamentary coup (as in Nazi Germany) or a military coup (as in Myanmar) to defend protestors. If the coup plotters use violence to suppress protests and the occupation of public places like parliament then they and the security forces that support them are rightly targeted. If the general population is deprived of practical defensive arms many people will be less inclined to protest and occupy public property after a coup as they lack the practical means of defending themselves, which is why power hungry elites seek to disarm the general population.

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"Action springs not from thought, but from a readiness for responsibility."  – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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